Episode 9 "Gpmap, Taxonomy Icon, Butterflive"

We have some new modules today for the podcast, one for displaying google maps and manipulating them with views, a new way to replace taxonomy text with images, and a third that adds tracking and real-time chat to your site.

First up is Gpmap, a simple views plugin for displaying Google Maps on your site and manipulating them with views.

Simple GoogleMap Views Plugin

Next up is Taxonomy Icon that allows you to replace the text for taxonomy term references with images.

Adds a new display format to taxonomy term references. If you select it on the manage display, an image field instance is added to the corresponding vocabulary terms. Once you edit your terms you can upload an icon that replaces the text.

And the third is Butterflive Live Tracking and Chat. If you're a Butterflive user, now you can integrate it with your Drupal site.

Butterflive is a powerful tool to help you see visitors on your website and chat with them.

The Drupal Butterflive Live tracking & chat module helps users to use Butterflive on their Drupal website easily.

Butterflive allows you :
- Real-Time Monitoring of your visitors
- Visitor Scoring to highlight the high potential prospects
- Integrated Live Chat
- Intelligent Incitement to let your visitors make the first move

After filling account information, the module displays the Butterflive tracking code on each page of the website.
Moreover, a user can create a Butterflive account in the module, without going to the Butterflive website.
This process includes account creation and validation. It's a simple and fast way to create an account and start using Butterflive right after module installation.

Thanks for listening and keep those suggestions coming.