Episode 8 "Clone Site, Commerce POS, View Field Options"

Episode 8 of the Drupal Sandbox Podcast covers three new projects in the Drupal Sandbox. One for site builders, one for Drupal Commerce users, and another Views plugin for site builders.

The first is Clone Site, which does pretty much what the name implies. It allows you to quickly clone a site. This functionality is often found in a lot of hosts cpanel and is very useful for development and testing.

From the project's page:

This module main function is to make identical copy of a selected website, including database structure, data and files .
You will need to make a new name and new database tables prefix before you clone the selected website.

Clone Site sponsored by King Saud University

Next up is Commerce POS. Drupal Commerce is really taking off. It is the best e-commerce project for Drupal 7 right now. It also is being extended and added to by a lot of contributed modules that are being created on almost a daily basis. How about turning your Drupal installation into a cash register? Then you need Commerce POS.

This project provides a Point-of-Sale interface for Drupal Commerce.

Our third project today was suggested by Joe Moroca, View Field Options. Thanks Joe!

This module creates a new field type that uses views to generate the list of available options for a field.

The benefit of this is any information that a view can query (only fields at the moment - not nodes) can be used as the option list. The field settings also require you to set a display and storage field from the view, enabling you to display a list of one field and store another. For example, You could have a view that shows a list of articles filtered by nodes the current user has flagged. You could have a select list to show all the article titles - you could then store the uid (Author uid) as the value in that field.

current issues

Autocomplete values showing as storage values and NOT saving
Storage of field settings is currently messy (In field_settings_form_alter too)
Settings form ajax, Need to populate default when there are no settings
Select lists can only be populated from single value elements from views_get_view_results() and will not show anything if there are no results for the view yet!

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