Episode 7 "EZ Banner Rotator, Media Cmdr, Better Updater"

We have three newborn modules again today. One for banner display on your site, the second for managing media, and the third to enhance your site updating experience.

The first is a simple module for displaying rotating banners on your site, the EZ Banner Rotator project.

EZ Banner Rotator is a JQuery based advanced banner module. This provide an Image based slideshow like banner rotator for the Drupal page. This creates a block in Drupal block section which can be assigned to a page block.

The strength of the module is, highly configurable to fit any type of website.

Next up is the Media Cmdr project. I mistakenly described the Media WYSIWYG project during Episode 6 with this module. This module adds a media browser using the Media module. Sorry.

Add a new tab to Media (http://drupal.org/project/media) module browser with an MC look&feel file manager

The last module is Better Updater.

Better Updater is a small module that provides a functionality which allows users to install new modules into subdirectories of sites/all/modules.

Allows to install new modules into existing directories inside sites/all/modules.
Better Updater maintains the specific hierarchy of modules, for instance all developer modules can go into sites/all/modules/developer or all of the conributed modules into sites/all/modules/contrib.
Make select list instead of simple textfield to choose proper subdirectory.
Expand Better Updater to install new modules in sites/mysite.com directory.
Make possibility to create new directories and install new modules there.
Better Updater needs Update module enabled.