Episode 6 "Drupal Commerce Reorder, Rainbow, Media WYSIWYG"

Welcome back, Episode 6 of the Drupal Sandbox Podcast will focus on three more brand-spankin' new modules that just popped up in the sandbox. I have a mix of module types today. One for commerce fans, one for display of content, and one for file display and media management.

Number one is Drupal Commerce Reorder. I am excited about this one because the Drupal Commerce project is awesome and any time I see a contributed module that extends it makes me happy.

From the project's page:

This module adds a new operation to Drupal Commerce orders allowing a user to create a new cart using the contents of an existing order.

Using this module adds a simple "repeat this order" function to your Drupal Commerce Store.

Tested for Drupal Commerce RC1.

Sponsored by i-KOS.

Number two is the Rainbox Module.

We've all seen the zebra stripping that are found most noticeably in odd and even lists generated by views. This module lets you extend this by adding colors. Cool!

This module concept is simple, small and specific.

It extends the concept of zebra striping, which allows odd/even alternation of styles to be applied to lists or table rows.

The Rainbow module will insert classes to allow cyclic styling of lists or table rows.

This is simple in principle, but requires experimentation to determine how to control which lists and tables it's applied to and what the size of the cycle will be in each case, e.g. a 3-colour cycle or a 7-colour full rainbow!

Feature suggestions welcome.

Limited time is available for development of this module, so co-developers/maintainers welcome.

Comparison with CSS3 nth-child selector

CSS3 defines the nth-child selector, which can achieve the same effect as this module:
li:nth-child(3n+1) { background-color: red; }
li:nth-child(3n+2) { background-color: green; }
li:nth-child(3n) { background-color: blue; }

This works great on all 'modern' browsers, but unfortunately IE 8 and below do not support this, which would cut out ~35% of users (as at Jul 2011). CSS3PIE is a great utility for emulating some useful CSS3 properties in IE, but it cannot help with CSS3 selectors.

The third module for today is the Media WYSIWYG Browser. If you've used the Media Module you might have wished you could have a file browser to select files already on your server. Well, this module gives you that. It needs a little work, but right now it opens up a terminal-looking browser window that you can select files that are already present.

Allows easy linking to Media files in the WYSIWYG link dialogs.

Congrats to the project creators for all of their hard work and thanks for listening.