Episode 3 "Election"

The past two episodes were focused security related projects. Today, I have a more user-centric module, the Election module.

This module has the potential to be really big and useful. It looks like the original use case of the module was for a student union election, but it could easily be adapted for almost any application.

Election will be a module for Drupal 7.x providing online voting in both referendums and STV elections.

The module will be used by a large university's student union.

Features planned will include:

Nominations including the ability for administrators to approve or reject nominees.
Candidate directory including archives of candidates in historical elections. Candidates will be able to upload manifestos, videos, etc.
STV vote counting according to the ERS97 standard, or at least the ability to export an OpenSTV ballot file (.blt) at the close of voting.
Referendums: voting yes or no to a single proposal.
Eligibility rules: set up of conditions on voter eligibility using Rules API. Complex voter information can be matched in a separate database (rather than the Drupal user profiles).
The package will be trialled in a production environment in February-March 2012. A stable public release is not expected until at least that time.