Radarearth.com Launches Dartplanet.org

I recently attended the first Drupalcamp South Florida and the Key Note speaker was Brian House from Acquia. His talk involved community building with Acquia Commons.

I had heard of Drupal Commons, but I wasn't aware of all of the features that it provided out of the box.

I also have been following with some interest Google's new language, Dart, that has recently been released. I am always excited to learn a new programming language and this one interested me since it is obviously designed for the web!

I had joined the Dart Mailing List and had been following some of the discussions there regarding this new language.

On the way back home form South Florida, I began to wonder about how the community could rally behind this GPL language and then it hit me: Why not set up a Drupal site and give the community a place to discuss and learn.

Combining the power of Drupal with the built-in community building features of Acquia Commons seemed like a perfect fit.

After diving in to Commons, I realized that the majority of the needs of the community could be met right out of the box with little to no modifications needed.

I did add a few contributed modules, namely:

      XML Sitemap for search engine submissions
        Add to Any for social sharing among multiple services
          Google Plus One, for +1 sharing with Google
            Piwik for opensource site analytics

              In a short period of time I had an Acquia Commons site ready to go. One caveat I found is that commons needs a little more memory than some of my other Drupal sites, so I bumped my apache memory limit up to 256MB.

              If you're interested in joining the community, head on over to dartplanet.org and join us!