Radarearth.com Completes bkocherconsulting.com

A client with an initially small budget approached me about a need for a site. Brian Kocher Consulting needed a site completed quickly on a limited budget.

His initial functional needs were for a user blog, an events calendar, and some standard static pages along with a few social networking links.

Utilizing Webenabled, who is now offering git in beta, his site was complete and functional in less than two weeks.

I also used Features for rapid local development, and then git to push the configuration changes to the live server. This came in very handy for the Calendar functionality, as well as the Views Slideshow that he needed for the front-page.

He is now in control of his own content and has plenty of room to grow.

If you aren't using git and Features, you are missing out on a lot of the benefits of each.

Essentially, you can develop your site locally, say for instance configuring the calendar and menu entry to go with it, and then export the views, content types, and menu items to a custom module. Place this feature in your modules folder, use git to add it, and then push the changes to your server without exporting the database settings or needing to reconfigure all of the settings on your live site. If something doesn't work or look right, roll-back the changes using git.

To add as well, Brian was a great client and very easy to work with. He offers some top-notch management consulting services. This is one consultant that has his act together and knows how to move forward!