Radarearth.com Completes Adamsoncreek.org

Radarearth.com has just finished development and deployment of adamsoncreek.org utilizing Drupal 7's built-in and contributed community building modules.

Beginning with the design of the custom logo to reflect the community's branding:

Radarearth.com used the contributed theme Mayo to further continue the community's branding with it's use of the Core Color module.

Some modules we had come to rely on from Drupal 6, weren't available yet for Drupal 7.

In addition to the core functionality like the RSS Aggregator, and Blog that come standard, radarearth.com also relied on the community of Drupal.org for some other functionality.

    Other contributed modules used include:
  • Userpoints to give user credit for posting content and comments.
  • Service Links for quick cross-posting of site content to other social networking sites.
  • Mollom for spam preventions and control.
  • Profile 2 for custom user profile creation.
  • Pathauto to generate human-friendly urls on the site.
  • Navigation404 which is similar to a previously mentioned Drupal 6 Module, 404 Blocks, that unfortunately was not ready for Drupal 7 yet. Navigation404 retains your menus during a page not found error allowing your users to their way back to something useful on your site.
  • Views for custom content sorting.
  • Geolocation to add google maps to blog posts.
  • Fivestar for user voting on content
  • Comment Notify for quick subscription to comments.
  • Noie6 because I can! And IE6 is terrible. If the site is accessed using Internet Explorer 6, the user is prompted to upgrade to a better browser.