How Would You Write a "99 Bottles of Beer" Program?

A while back, I posted about 99 Bottles of Beer In PHP in an effort to see how others might programmatically write code that would take an initial variable and then iterate it down until it reached a specific value and then return a message.

Many programming languages offer multiple ways of accomplishing the same task and I decided that a great learning experience for me and for others would be to ask everyone and anyone to contribute their own variations using any language.

I posted this on GITHub and would love for you to contribute to it as well.

My examples use PHP and Python, since those were the two languages I am most familiar with.

It would be really awesome if you would add your own ideas as well.

So, please feel free to add it it. Anything goes! If you have a different approach in PHP, do a pull request. If you know PERL, add yours! I would like to collect as many examples as possible.