How to Customize a Contributed Drupal Theme

There are a lot of quality contributed Drupal themes available that can be found at You can probably find one that will suit your needs for the most part within the first few pages of this listing.

What if you want to customize it and tweak it a little bit though? Perhaps everything about the theme is perfect, except for a few minor details that you would like to change Completes has just finished development and deployment of utilizing Drupal 7's built-in and contributed community building modules.

Beginning with the design of the custom logo to reflect the community's branding:

Radarearth completes

A politically oriented site built using the powerful Drupal CMS. Radarearth created the custom logo and background and implemented a user blog, along with other social features. A calendar of events and search function made the site cohesive and helps to keep activists organized. "The Editor" can add his or her own images and blog entries. Mollom was implemented to combat spam which utilizes captcha. Users can register and then post comments in the topical forums. Raretruth launched in May of 2010 with the goal of motivating people towards taking an active role in the political process.

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