Using Google's <Standout> Tag to Recognize Exceptional Content

I came across a mention of the <standout> tag while browsing through the Drupal modules feed this morning, where I saw the beginnings of a new module, standout. I was curious, so I checked the links provided on the module's page.

Chrome App Store Open

The Chrome app store is now open for users of Google's Chrome web browser.

Add Charts To Your Drupal Site

One of the best ways to display data is to use a visual representation of that data. Instead of long strings of boring numbers, a colorful chart can help explain statistics and spruce up your site along the way.

Google has made their Chart API available, and in Drupal there are two fairly simple to use moudules that let you get Google Charts on your site.

Make Your Own Android Apps

Google is set to release App Inventor for Android soon, which is touted to allow non-programmers to be able to visually create their own android applications.

Drush for Google?

If you haven't heard of or used Drush it is a command line interface that allows you to do a lot of things with your drupal install.

For instance, the process of downloading and installing a new module involves:

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