Automatically Generate Barcodes for Users on a Drupal Site

What is the problem?

As a conference organizer for a few of Florida's past DrupalCamps, and an attendee of many other conferences, I've noticed a huge bottleneck during the attendee registration process the day of the conferences.

Organizations like to account for attendance, and often a group of volunteers assume the daunting task of asking an attendee their name, finding this name on a multi-page spreadsheet, finding the attendees pre-printed badge, and then handing them their swag-bag.

Drupal.org Project Application Perspectives - Another Way to Learn and Contribute Back

One of Drupal's most powerful and compelling aspects is that in addition to the core functionality offered from Drupal Core, the vast number of contributed modules allow you to customize and extend your Drupal site.

These contributed modules are community created modules that have been shared and are available free for anyone to use.

The process of approving who can create these modules, and then allow them to be accessed on Drupal.org may seem intimidating and confusing at first.

How to Create A Simple Conference Site with Drupal 7, Signup, Regular Expressions, and Rules to Filter Attendees by Email Domain

The Drupal Conference Organizing Distribution is a great out-of-the-box solution for quickly setting up a conference site. If your conference site needs sessions, to sell tickets to the event, you want built-in management, and you are comfortable with Ubercart, you can save yourself a lot of time and work by using C.O.D.

Radarearth.com Launches Dartplanet.org

I recently attended the first Drupalcamp South Florida and the Key Note speaker was Brian House from Acquia. His talk involved community building with Acquia Commons.

I had heard of Drupal Commons, but I wasn't aware of all of the features that it provided out of the box.

How to Customize a Contributed Drupal Theme

There are a lot of quality contributed Drupal themes available that can be found at http://drupal.org/project/themes You can probably find one that will suit your needs for the most part within the first few pages of this listing.

What if you want to customize it and tweak it a little bit though? Perhaps everything about the theme is perfect, except for a few minor details that you would like to change


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