Beginning Drupal Module Development or How I Wrote the Cacheflusher Module (Part 1)


For the past five or six months, I've been itching to write a Drupal module. It seems to me to be the final step in attaining that Drupal nirvana, and you gain instant street cred as well at the monthly meet-ups. I've heard it also can up your certified to rock score too, since you get commits added to your history.

Clear Your Drupal 7 Cache with One Click

Sure, you can set a shortcut to admin/config or install the devel module, but what if you could clear your cache with one button?

This small module adds a flush cache button to your menu for easy, one-click cache flusing!

It could add years back to your life, and your wrist.

It has no configuration, just install and enable.

You may not want to use this on a production site - or at least disable it when you go live, since a permissions check might not be enough to prevent an unauthorized user from flushing your cache.

Put Twitter Feeds on Your Drupal Site

Using the Twitter Profile Widget module on your Drupal site allows you to very quickly and easily add twitter updates.

Sure, there are other modules that pull twitter feeds, like Twitter Block and Twitter Pull, but the twitter profile widget adds the ability to customize the display of the twitter account you choose. Completes

By taking advantage of Drupal 7's many advantages, including the new Drupal Commerce, has completed

The client really liked the Marinelli theme, but needed some slight modifications to tailor it for their look and feel.

DrupalCamp Colorado June 11th and 12th, 2011

DrupalCamp Colorado 2011 will be held June 11th and 12th, 2011.

It looks like some awesome sessions have already been proposed, including a few on the new Drupal Commerce by none other than the creator himself, Ryan Szrama.


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