Install Drush for OS X Snow Leopard

Recently Jeff Geerling posted quick and easy instructions about how to get Drush up and running on Snow Leopard.

Drush was mentioned during a previous post here when I wrote about the new Google CLI.

Add Charts To Your Drupal Site

One of the best ways to display data is to use a visual representation of that data. Instead of long strings of boring numbers, a colorful chart can help explain statistics and spruce up your site along the way.

Google has made their Chart API available, and in Drupal there are two fairly simple to use moudules that let you get Google Charts on your site.

It's Alive (Book 2 of The Universe Verse)


In a previous post, I talked about author James L. Dunbar who wrote and illustrated, "The Universe Verse".

He has started working on Book 2, , "It's Alive", the sequel to Book 1.

Drupal Government Distribution, OpenPublic, Announced

Drupal does really make sense for government. Federal, local, or municipal agencies can benefit from opensource software, and the OpenPublish project aims to make a government-centric Drupal distribution.

Generally though, government has been very slow to adopt opensource software.

Why Did Apple Choose "Ping"?

Have you updated itunes lately? If you have, you may have noticed a new feature, that Apple has dubbed "Ping".


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