Drupal Watchdog Magazine

Drupalwatchdog, Drupal's first print magazine, is set to premiere in March of 2011 at Drupalcon Chicago.

Issues are said to be mailed out for those not attending in March of 2011 for issue #1, and August of 2011 for issue #2.

Florida Drupalcamp 2011 Feb. 12th 2011

Florida Drupalcamp 2011 will take place on February 12th, 2011, at Rollins College in Witer Park, Florida.

Drupalcamp Florida Attendee Sponsor

HTML5 Video for Drupal With VideoJS

HTML5 video is a new standard being talked about a lot lately that allows you to add videos to your site without the need for plugins. Videos added properly using the HTML5 standard play in the users browser without any additional software.

Drupal 7 Is Here

Drupal 7 is an official release now. After almost three years of hard work from the community, Drupal has achieved its seventh milestone.

Drupal Module "404 Blocks"

I came across the 404 Blocks module the other day and wondered why I hadn't thought of using it before.


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