Drupal Camp Atlanta 2011

Drupalcamp Atlanta Attendee

Are you interested in meeting a whole lot of other Drupal folks for a day of sessions and networking?

How Would You Write a "99 Bottles of Beer" Program?

A while back, I posted about 99 Bottles of Beer In PHP in an effort to see how others might programmatically write code that would take an initial variable and then iterate it down until it reached a specific value and then return a message.

Many programming languages offer multiple ways of accomplishing the same task and I decided that a great learning experience for me and for others would be to ask everyone and anyone to contribute their own variations using any language.

Beginning Drupal 7 Theming with Omega

Getting Started with the Omega Theme Framework for Drupal 7

Please note, these instructions apply to the 2.x version of Omega. I will be updating them soon to reflect the new changes to the 3.x branch Announces the "Drupal Sandbox Podcast"

Image by Roborovski

With all of the great work being done in the Sandboxes, there are often fifteen or more projects being born on a daily basis.

It can be hard to keep track of and look at all of the great new projects and modules being released.

Meditation Cured My Hiccups



The other night I had the hiccups. Not those five-minute hiccups that go away. No, these were the thirty-minute plus hiccups that start to burn your throat and hurt your stomach.


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