Meditation Cured My Hiccups



The other night I had the hiccups. Not those five-minute hiccups that go away. No, these were the thirty-minute plus hiccups that start to burn your throat and hurt your stomach.

I tried everything to get rid of them. Drinking water didn't work, sticking my tongue out all the way for a minute didn't work, and standing on my head balancing a goldfish bowl with scorpion even proved fruitless.

I attended the MagicRuby 2011 conference recently and had the pleasure of hearing Mike Gehard's Meditation + Code session. (About 3/4s down on the page.)

He had the entire room of about three-hundred people meditating. To tell you the truth, it was great!

I've been meditating a little since then, but haven't fully embraced it. I'm not buddhist, and really the meditation has nothing to do with religion or beliefs. It is a focusing of the mind, which actually really works!

So, having exhausted all of my resources for curing my hiccups, I decided to try Mike's technique.

After about two minutes, the hiccups were gone!