Drupal Camp Atlanta 2011

Drupalcamp Atlanta Attendee

Are you interested in meeting a whole lot of other Drupal folks for a day of sessions and networking?

On October 1st, 2011, in Atlanta, GA, Jp Mcneal and I will hopefully present a session about Beginning Drupal 7 Theming Using Omega.

We would appreciate your vote if you feel like this would be a worthwhile session to attend.

There are other proposed sessions as well including:

  • Where in the world? by Andrew Riley
    Maps and geolocation are becoming more and more important to the sites we build as the scope of our smallest projects become regional, national and global. Does your next project need to list...
  • Drupal Gardens: Put Drupal in the reach of smaller budget clients who prefer a fully hosted Drupal solution. from Jay Epstein
    Drupal Gardens puts Drupal in the reach of clients with smaller budgets and for those who prefer a fully hosted Drupal solution. We will look at pros and cons, site examples, user interface, theme...
  • Using Content Types and Fields by Joe Moraca
    Creating custom content types using standard fields and some common "contrib" fields using Drupal 7.
    I will go through a few custom content types and show what different fields can do.
  • Blue Collar Drush from Michael Anello
    Drush is a fantastic command line tool to help speed up Drupal development and to automate repetitive tasks. The Drush maintainers...

And a lot more.

If you've never attended a Drupal Camp before, you are missing out on a whole lot of collaboration, learning, and community building. All skill levels are welcome and everyone can be pretty much guaranteed to walk away learning something.

Where else can you receive thousands of dollars worth of training for a $25 entry fee?

Be sure to say hello and introduce yourself when you get there!